Centralised Stock Management System

Review and subsequent delivery of a centralised stock management and distribution system.


The client is one of the UK’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement companies. It provides 24 x 7 services to over 1½ million motorists each year.

In order to drive business efficiencies, the client was in the middle of major project to replace their existing, localised stock management systems with a new centralised solution. The project was being undertaken by a major third party services supplier, but was slipping against the client’s tight deadlines.

The Work

Our consultant was called in at the request of the third party to take an initial review of the project status and identify issues. As a result, they were requested to take over the management of the project to turn it around and bring it back onto schedule.The work involved:

  • reporting directly to the directors of the business
  • undertaking a short project review to identify delivery issues with the project
  • taking over delivery management responsibility
  • planning the system test and user acceptance test strategies to support shorter elapsed test period
  • planning a revised transition strategy to recover time already lost against the original plan
  • re-designing the data migration utilities to support the new, faster transition approach
  • coordinating the transition of the service to the new centralised system

The Benefits

The project was successfully brought back onto schedule enabling transition to the new service to be completed by the required target date and the efficiency savings delivered. This avoided disruption to the client’s operational business and avoided overrun and penalties being incurred on the project.

You’ve managed to turn the project around and deliver to time-scales we thought impossible to achieve.

IT Director

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