Post Acquisition Service Consolidation

Integration of business services and systems following corporate acquisition.


A national mechanical and engineering services and maintenance company.

Following group level acquisitions, the organisation contained a number of similar businesses, operating as several different legal entities, providing similar services on different IT platforms. The businesses needed to be consolidated in order to provide a consistent service across the group and enable efficiency savings to be achieved.

The Work

Enton worked with the project board, supporting the migration of the many different businesses and systems into a centralised operational model and a single service management platform.  The work involved:

  • Working with the project board to establish the agreed organisation structure for the delivery of the services across multiple businesses.
  • Working with the separate call centre and operational managers to agree the operational model for each department.
  • Working with the contract managers to configure each contract on the new system for the new operating model.
  • Transition of all contracts from the current platforms to the new systems.
  • Training and support during the transition to the new service.

The Benefits

As a result of the business consolidation, the multiple call centres and scheduling teams were able to operate from a single centralised location enabling a considerable reduction in back office staffing levels and a reduction in offices required across the country to provide the service.

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