Post Acquisition Contract Migration

Successful transitioning of £¼ billion of business in just 12 weeks.


One of the largest construction and services companies in the UK providing facilities management of commercial buildings, hospitals, and transport infrastructure.

Following the acquisition of a company with a similar portfolio of services, a decision was made to move around 150 contracts, with annual revenues of nearly £¼ billion, to the client’s core service management system. The contracts to be migrated covered a range of different operating models using a variety of different systems. In order to deliver the targeted business savings from the consolidation, this assignment had to be completed within a strict 12 week period.

The Work

Enton was responsible for the migration of contracts from the existing systems to the new centralised IT platform. The work involved:

  • Project initiation, preparing initial sizing and estimates for the contracts and user base, and preparing a high level plan for the whole project. This provided a three stage approach of: contract analysis; migration development and testing; and a phased transition to the new platform.
  • This stage also enabled the full scope of the project to be uncovered, which turned out to be considerably larger than originally thought in terms of the number of contracts to be migrated.
  • Devising the migration approach for financial tansactions and jobs. Job level costs and sales were migrated and synchronised with the operational and finance system. Partially completed purchase orders were also brought over so that they could be seemlessly progressed after the migration.
  • Leading the contract analysis stage to determine the precise requirements of each contract in order to identify any specific transition issues and help size and plan the next stage.
  • Undertaking the development stage to build migration scripts to extract data from source systems, transform it, and import into the new system.
  • Undertaking the transitioning stage, performing the data migration activity, supporting the training of over 1200 users and engineers, and conversion and deployment of over 300 mobile devices.

The Benefits

The transition was successfully undertaken within the 12 weeks period, with the transition stage taking place over the last 4 weeks once the analysis and development stages were complete. The project migrated over 150 client contracts, 7,000 suppliers, 15,000 sites, and around 1 million jobs complete with historic labour costs, material costs and sales invoices

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