New Technology to Drive Business Efficiency

Recovering a mobile technology programme to deliver new working practices.


The client is a subsidiary of a UK Plc and operates a franchised property maintenance business across the British Isles.

To realise its vision of becoming the leading provider to the UK commercial sector, our client required new technology to underpin strategic developments. Developments to bring new ways of working and greater efficiency to the client’s business and its franchise partners.

However, the technology programme was lagging well behind the published timetable. The Board sought an independent programme review to identify the underlying reasons for the delay, and the actions required to recover the programme.

The Work

Engaged by the Managing Director, Enton undertook a review of the programme. The work included:

  • Clarifying the client’s strategic objectives and the investment required.
  • Mapping out the business processes for the target operating model.
  • Identifying the programme deliverables needed to develop the business, and measuring progress of the technology project against these outcomes.
  • Preparing a report identifying the management activities needed to recover the programme, and a plan to complete the technology.

The report included recommendations covering the roll out and change management approach, and risk mitigation activities.

The Benefits

Enton uncovered failures in the technology project which if not corrected would undermine the organisation’s ability to develop the business. Enton’s review, report and advice were sufficient to allow the client to regain control of the programme, and deliver the strategic objectives.

This is the first time the Finance Director was pleased to write out a cheque for a supplier.

Managing Director

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