Livestock Quotas

Implementing a quota trading scheme to support new legislation under the European Common Agricultural Policy reforms.


The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is responsible for the implementation of European agricultural policies and legislation within the UK.

As part of the European Common Agricultural reforms being imposed from Brussels, new livestock quota legislation was being introduced to control and restrict the amount of subsidies being claimed by farmers.
As part of the scheme, initial quota levels had to be issued to farmers, and procedures and facilities created to manage farmers’ quota ownership, support trading and sales of quota between farmers, and to integrate with existing subsidy payment systems.

The new scheme had to be fully operational by a fixed deadline to support the next round of subsidy payments.

The Work

Our consultants headed up the programme taking it from initiation, through development and transitioning to live operation.  The work involved:

  • liasing with ministers in London and Brussels to agree the fine details of how the new legislation was to be implemented within the UK.
  • liasing with regional representatives on the specification of new procedures and systems required
  • management of the client development team
  • coordinating user acceptance testing and training
  • transition planning to support cut-over to the new service

The Benefits

The new systems and procedures were successfully implemented within time scales imposed by Brussels. It successfully issued initial quota allocations to all farmers, supported initial trading and enabled the subsidy payments to take place on schedule.

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