What we do

At Enton our focus is on the management and delivery of change. We work with executives, operational and technical teams to deliver programmes and lasting benefit. As every member of our team has specialist business, technical and communications skills we are also able to undertake many programme and technology delivery roles.

We help our clients:

  1. Increase top line performance by establishing new services and improving the existing ones.
  2. Improve the bottom line by increasing operational efficiency or by department and technology consolidation.
  3. Absorb mergers & acquisitions into the operating model.
  4. Execute business divestment.
  5. Implement regulatory change.

We operate at all stages of the business change process


Establishing the objectives for change, examining the feasibility, defining the activities and resources required to deliver the objectives, creating the business case.


Building the new operating model and supporting systems: Developing new processes, managing people, controlling risks, and monitoring spend. Implementing packaged solutions, developing bespoke applications and undertaking systems integration where necessary.


Moving the business from the current practices to the new operating model typically involving piloting, training, technology cut over, and communications.

Many of our assignments begin because our client needs a review of their business change plans, either for reassurance or as a result of difficulties in establishing or delivering a programme. However it begins, clients appreciate the expertise and focus we bring, and the ability to use us when they need us. Our initial client engagement is unlikely to be our last.

How we do it

What we bring is the experience gained from successfully managing and implementing business change over the past 20 years. Experience of performing many of the change programme roles. Experience of executive and line management. Experience of processes and technology delivery. Experience of commercial management.

All our staff have backgrounds in software development and systems integration which means that they are fully aware of the possibilities and issues associated with the delivery of IT solutions. More importantly they also have extensive experience of working with the business at all levels from main board directors through to operational and administrative staff and front line operatives. This combination of technical and business experience enables our staff to bridge the gap between the business and technology teams.

All this means that we can quickly understand your business change needs, be this for a review of a current programme, the design of a new programme, the management of change, or the transition to a new operating model. We will recommend an approach that meets the organisation’s needs, takes account of its culture and expertise, and is formed from tried and tested methods.

Once on an assignment, we roll up our sleeves and get the job done. We support the executive team, and help them to make the right decisions. We work with people to ensure that the organisation benefits from our work long after we have gone.