Track Record

We can show you an impressive portfolio of assignments across a range of business sectors, including Financial Services, Facilities Management, Telecoms, Transport and the Utilities. Most assignments will cover one or more of the following key stages of any programme:

  • Initiation
  • Development
  • Transitioning
  • Review

Our team has helped clients to deliver efficiency, consolidation, introduce or improve services, respond to regulation, acquire or sell businesses, and take advantage of technology.

To view sample assignments for each of these, please click on one of the headings below.

Efficiency Improvements

  • New Technology to Drive Business Efficiency

    The programme to bring new ways of working and greater efficiency to the client’s business and its franchise partners was lagging well behind the published timetable. The Board sought an independent programme review to identify the underlying reasons for the delay, and the actions required to recover the programme.


New or Improved Services

  • Wealth Management

    The company was in the process of establishing a new on-line wealth management portal, linked to a suite of back office financial products, to provide a new service offering to the personal market. The project running behind schedule and appeared bogged down with technical issues.

Regulatory Change

  • Legislative Change in Retail Banking

    To comply with enhanced FSA regulations covering retail accounts, the bank upgraded its customer facing compliance procedures. The account opening and customer needs review processes were redefined and additional regulatory steps added.

  • New Legislation in Life Assurance

    New legislation required changes to the company’s compliance procedures and a refresh of supporting technology. The board were concerned that the two activities had become intertwined threatening the legislative deadline.

Acquisitions and Divestments