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  • The Quest for Field Service Automation


    In 2007 Spectrum Consulting carried out a survey of the UK field service industry highlighting the enormous amount of time spent by engineers on administration and paperwork. The survey also showed how much additional effort was spent in the back office handling the paper records created in the field.

  • Field Service Efficiency


    For some years facilities maintenance and repair budgets have been under sustained downward pressure. Unsurprisingly the field service industry, which undertakes much of this work, is being asked to shoulder the burden and reduce prices.

  • Business Projects


    When embarking on a project or broader programme of change many executives feel uneasy about their organisation’s ability to deliver the business outcomes. Enton uses experienced change practitioners and tools to measure a programme’s readiness to deliver its objectives, and to set actions to address identified weaknesses.

  • Field Service Automation


    The field service industry is under sustained market pressure to reduce the cost of maintenance and repair contracts whilst providing ever higher levels of customer service. At a time of weak economic growth, the question is how can field service businesses respond to this challenge?

  • Auto Scheduling


    Automated scheduling systems have the potential to provide significant improvements in customer service and to deliver substantial cost and efficiency savings. Case studies have shown 30% increase in utilisation, 20% reduction in travel, 80% reduction in schedulers, and 20% improvement in SLAs. These are impressive figures but achieving these can prove to be difficult.

  • Mobile Solutions


    Mobile solutions can deliver: £1,000s of cost and efficiency savings for each and every mobile engineer through improved utilisation; reduced administration costs; and significant improvements in customer service. But delivering these benefits is not straight forward. This paper examines some of the challenges to realising the benefits of mobile technology, and how to address them.

  • Industry Research


    Mobile businesses are wasting up to £11,000 a year for every field worker employed. Our study reveals the enormous amount of time wasted by field workers and administrative staff on record keeping and job reporting. It highlights the productivity and efficiency gains which can be achieved when deploying effective mobile technology integrated with service management solutions.