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We help our clients deliver business change. We are experienced people with commercial, programme and technology backgrounds able to work at all levels within complex organisations. We work with our clients to increase their top line performance and improve bottom line returns. If you are about to embark on a new initiative or have problems with an existing one then please contact us.

Our People

Our People

What makes us different is our people. Every member of the Enton team has at least fifteen years experience of implementing change across diverse market sectors.

Our people have worked at the business coalface, some at director level. They have implemented ground breaking technology for some of the UK’s largest organisations. Our people focus on business objectives, address key issues to ensure business change is delivered successfully.

Track Record

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We have an impressive portfolio of assignments undertaken for clients in the Financial Services, Telecoms, Facilities Management and Transport sectors.

We have helped our clients improve efficiency, deliver consolidation, introduce new or enhanced services, respond to regulation, acquire or sell businesses, and take advantage of technology. Our assignments may be big or small, but they all mean a great deal to our clients.

Contact Us

Contact Us

To discuss how we can help with your new or existing change initiatives, please contact us.

Enton Consulting & Technology
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t: 01483 243571
e: info@entonct.com

Recent Articles

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    Evaluating Project Investment Proposals

    Hand in hand with economic recovery, business leaders will be looking to create new sources of value in their organisation through business change projects and programmes. But delivering change and a healthy return on investment is a notoriously difficult trick to pull off.

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    The Quest for Field Service Automation

    In 2007 Spectrum Consulting carried out a survey of the UK field service industry highlighting the enormous amount of time spent by engineers on administration and paperwork. The survey also showed how much additional effort was spent in the back office handling the paper records created in the field.

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    Field Service Efficiency

    For some years facilities maintenance and repair budgets have been under sustained downward pressure. Unsurprisingly the field service industry, which undertakes much of this work, is being asked to shoulder the burden and reduce prices.

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    Business Projects

    When embarking on a project or broader programme of change many executives feel uneasy about their organisation’s ability to deliver the business outcomes. Enton uses experienced change practitioners and tools to measure a programme’s readiness to deliver its objectives, and to set actions to address identified weaknesses.